Resti Oktaviani

Resti started her dance training with Marlupi Dance Academy in 1999. She completed her Advanced 2 in 2012 with Distinction. In the same year, she became semi-finalist of Genee International Ballet Competition in Wellington,New Zealand. By the age of 19, she was awarded Solo Seal Certification from RAD, London. In 2010 and 2012, Resti also achieved “The Most Outstanding Student” award in Royal Academy of Dance Summer School, in Jakarta. In February 2015, she got 1st Winner in Dance Prix Indonesia and got scholarship to join the short intensive course in Ena Ballet Studio, Japan.
Now, she is a student at Mercubuana University, majoring in Economy Management, and at the same time teaching in MDA. She has participated in some MDA’s Ballet Recitals, such as Sleeping Beauty (as lilac fairy), Cinderella (as autumn fairy), Beauty and the Beast (as belle), Aladdin in Ballet (as onyx the jewel), The Little Mermaid (as fish) and Another Story of Alice (as shadow).